Nathan Zhang is the game developer & creative/designer behind the video game known simply as Social Justice, which is currently a Breakout clone, but is (right this moment) being redeveloped as a platformer actually about social justice activism.

On the side, Nathan is planning a grassroots volunteer task force to take on endemic white supremacy in the United States and which will bring together all parts of the local Detroit suburb where he resides - police; black, white, etc., people; and local online businesses - to de-radicalize young people who have been drawn into dangerous online chatrooms where they are becoming radicalized for racist terrorism. It is the goal of this group not to prosecute these subjects but to give them a "second chance", by de-radicalization, as opposed to throwing them in prison.


Controls for the following game are built into the game itself and/or labeled on the screen.

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Nathan Zhang is currently the founder & CEO of the Zhang Space Freight Corporation, a failing video game business that is up for a rebranding as a design and multimedia business with a new life and an actual niche/message - and it shall change the world!


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